Sunday, 13 October 2013

Introducing: Greens For Animal Protection

Anyone who knows me will know that I have two massive and major political loves that dominate my life. Veganism/animal rights and the Green Party. The Green Party has by far the best animal rights policies of any party which isn't a single issue animal party in the UK. This was a really important factor for me joining the party. Our animal policies include banning all forms of animal testing and putting research into alternatives, banning zoos, opposing the badger cull, banning the sale of fur, banning factory farming, ensuring all companion animals (often called pets) will be microchipped and registered while breeding of such animal monitored, banning all animal circuses, banning whaling and introduce animal rights officers for all local authorities. There's still a lot of work to be done to improve these policies, but there is also only so far we can go before we start to alienate the general public who by large are not abolitionist animal rights activists.

Greens For Animal Protection members at recent Green Party conference in Brighton. Source:

I am delighted to announce the formation of Greens For Animal Protection, a group of individuals in the Green Party who care passionately about animal issues. The groups aims include improving the animal rights policies of the Green Party, promoting the animal rights policies of the Green Party, ensuring the Green Party works with animal rights groups and ensuring the Green Party is a part of the animal rights movement. The group is in it's early stages, only forming a few months ago. What the group plans to do has not been decided yet and it will all be decided over the forthcoming months when we hold a few meetings. I'm really excited about this group though, and it has gained a lot of support at the Green Party's recent Autumn conference in Brighton last month. The group also has had a presence at national marches including the national march for badgers and the march against the Tory conference last month where thousands of badger cull protests were involved in the wider anti-Tory march, and is starting to have a presence at vegan fairs around the country.

Green For Animal Protection at the nation badger march. MEP Jean Lambert is directly to the right of the banner

Greens For Animal Protection members and supporters include:
So far we have a Facebook page here: and a Twitter account here: . One day we might set up a website or a blog and when that happens I'll hopefully let you all know. Our email is: and phone number: 07703 558724.

If you'd like any speakers from Greens For Animal Protection to come and speak at a meeting please do not hesitate to get in touch via Facebook or Twitter or email or phone.  I'll also give updates on this blog about Greens For Animal Protection activities.


  1. Greens for Animals protection also wants as many animal protectionists as possible to join the GP and, if possible, to get active within their local Green Parties, in order to help the GP gain power at both local and national level, so its excellent animal protection policies can be put into force.
    Those policies are, in fact, just as good as those of the Animal Welfare Party, which is the only "single-issue" party for animal protection that I'm aware of.
    It can take as little as 20% of the population to vote for a political party for that party to be elected to form a government in this country and with the Green Party having great policies on the environment and social justice, it is easily possible that, with enough effort and commitment, we could get the GP into power in the forseeable future.
    So do please join the Green Party and Greens for Animal Protection and take a look at the leaflet we distributed at the protest against the badger cull outside the Tory conference in Manchester just recently -